• Eau de Philae Organic Cologne 100ml


Eau de Philae Organic Cologne 100ml




The Emperor of Cologne’s is Eau de Philae – an exquisite, precious artisan Cologne based on a 4,000 year- old recipe, prepared according to an ancient Egyptian formula discover on the island of Philae. With top notes of citrus, redolent of sun-ripened orange groves, this evocative scent is based on powerful extracts of: Calendula, Lilium Album and Melilotus.

In addition to being indispensable to instantly revive and restore, it also makes an excellent skin conditioner, it’s great for calming redness, and is also perfect as an aftershave. Eau de Philae is far more than a beautiful perfume. Spray on your sheets and linens for an uplifting breadth of fresh air – but be warned, your emerald Cleopatra will want to use it too!

This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is compatible with homeopathic treatment.


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